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The 21st century has brought about dramatic improvements in computing and telecommunications. These incredible advances in technology have allowed Fort Hays State University to transform as an institution of higher education.

Unlike any other time at Fort Hays State, there is a need and an opportunity to develop a new breed of “academic space” to exploit the potential of virtual learning environments; experience-based education; cultural enrichment; and new approaches to discovery, research and creativity. This fusion of the physical and virtual is best captured in the term “networked learning.”

The new Center for Networked Learning will use the communications infrastructure of the 21st century to link three critical offices throughout Fort Hays State University: (1) the Department of Informatics; (2) the Virtual College; and (3) the Center for Teaching Excellence and Learning Technologies (CTELT).

Wouldn’t it be amazing for FHSU to earn the reputation of being one of the nation’s most wired campuses? With the future-thinking design features the building will offer, that goal may become a reality. At approximately 35,000 square feet, the Center for Networked Learning is scheduled to be completed in the Summer of 2014.

The Department of Informatics will occupy the first floor and its building needs are designed around three primary digital learning areas: computer, labs, a telecommunication lab, and video/audio labs. The Virtual College and CTELT offices will occupy the second floor, which will house the production and technological-delivery of faculty's course content. In addition, the second floor will function as a demonstration center for new and advanced technologies, and will serve as a test-site for instruction applications of these technologies.

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First Floor

West Vestibule $50,000 Sponsored
West Lobby & Reception $100,000 Sponsored
Southwest Offices [17] $10,000/each  
West Conference Room $75,000  
West Student Lounge $10,000  
West Smart Study $10,000 Sponsored
Networking Labs [2] $75,000/each  
East Smart Study $10,000  
East Student Lounge $10,000  
Information Systems Engineering Labs [2] $75,000/each  
Green Room $10,000  
Studio Suites* $150,000  
Photo Suites** $150,000  
East Vestibule/Lounge $100,000  
Newsroom $50,000 Sponsored

*Studio Suites
Video Storage
Control Room
Studio A
Studio B
Edit Bays [4]
Radio Control
Audio Production [2]
Sound Booth

**Photo Suites
Photo Studio
Photo Storage
Edit Bay
Guest Editing
Edit Bay

Second Floor

Student Work $25,000
West Lobby $100,000  
Faculty Workroom $25,000  
Office Complex [4] $10,000/each [3] Sponsored
Southwest Office Suites [4] $10,000/each  
Conference Room $50,000  
Faculty Innovation Room $25,000  
Call Center $10,000  
Office Complex II [4] $10,000/each  
Southeast Office Suites [5] $10,000/each [3] Sponsored
Reception Area $25,000  
Dub Center $20,000 Sponsored
Media Workroom $25,000  
CTELT Lab $50,000  

Exterior Options

Building $5,000,000  
Circle Drive $250,000  
Fountain $150,000  
Entryway $100,000  
Lighted Copula $100,000