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20-Year Consecutive Donors

This list recognizes individuals and companies who have faithfully supported Fort Hays State University with an annual gift for 20 or more consecutive years.

20 Year Consecutive Donors
Ken and Linda Abendshien Lyle and Janet Hall Judy Pfannenstiel
Kenny and Julie Ackerman Ronald and Nancy Halling Merle Pfannenstiel
Richard and Kathryn Ahlvers Chuck and Dory Hammeke Verlin and Elaine Pfannenstiel
James and Alberta Ahrens Denis and Lois Hammer James and Sharla Pfeifer
Mark Akagi Harold and Vicki Hammer Bob Pfeifer
Joan Albers Dennis and Mary Hampl Hazel Pflieger
Martin and Shari Albrecht Edwin and Sandra Hampton Roger and Marilyn Pflughoeft
Nolan and Geralyn Allen Tom and Mary Hampton Sheilah A. Philip
Kevin and Barbara Alpers Michael and Debra Hansen Paul and Pat Phillips
Whitey and Shirley Alpers Keith and Gwen Hansen Bill Phillips
Kenneth and Nancy Andersen Lynn and Tama Hanson Bill and Beth Pike
Jerry and Dianne Anderson Paul and Yvonne Harbaugh Lon and Janyth Pishny
Keith and Eloise Anderson Ron and Mary Harders Kenneth and Carol Pitetti
Kathleen Anderson Vernon and Mary Harding Lynn and Helen Pitman
Lorene Anderson Kevin and Melva Hargett Thomas and Janice Pivonka
Julie Anderson Kyle Hargett Louis and Joan Pivonka
Lavern and Cari Andrews Roger and Nancy Harman Mike and Lynette Pivonka
Gale and Lisa Anschutz Keith and Kathy Harper Robert and Eileen Plante
Fred and Ann Maria Ansell Carla Harris Rich and Donna Poage
Darryl and Nancy Apel Dennis and Dorothy Harris Michael Silagi and Pamela Pool
Benjamin and Elaine Appel Bill and Diana Harris Dean and Betty Popp
Frederick and Frances Appleby Nelson and Nila Hartman Clifton and Mary Porterfield
Kenneth and Shirley Apsley Bill and Mary Lou Harvey Mitchell and Sheree Poskey
Bruce and Susan Armstrong Mike and Carla Hattan Kenneth and Wanda Prather
Anthony and Lorri Arnhold Betty Ellen Haxton Alice Pricer
Darrell and Judy Ary Bobby Tricks and Katy Hayden Marvin and Eunice Proctor
Neil and Elizabeth Aschwege Arlie and Carol Haymond Orville and Betty Pruter
Robert and Dedria Ashworth LeeAnne Hays Carol Purdy
Michael and Shirley Astwood Malcolm and Diane Heard Monte and Tamara Quick
Irvin and Pauline Atkinson Willis and Jan Heck Floyd and Dixie Quincy
Vera Aurand and Toya Donald and Sylvia Quint
Robert and Judith Baalman Larry and Juanita Heitschmidt Ronald and Joy Radcliffe
William and Mary Bacchus John and Cheryl Helget Frank and Katie Rajewski
Jay Bach Robert Helton Royce and Carole Rasmussen
Christopher and Karen Bailey Douglas and Brenda Henke William and Grace Raven
Nancy Bailey Al and Marilyn Herren Diana Redger
Sherrill Baker Carl and Lorna Herrman Howard and Alondra Reece
Bill and Ann Baldock Randy and Kathy Herrman Jerry and Patricia Reed
Rex and Deb Ball O James and Judy Hess Lee and Brenda Reeve
Robert and Kathleen Bankston Tom and Francine Hestermann Terry Regan
Marcia Bannister Jimmy and Karol Hickel Dale Rein
Mark Bannister Donald Hickman Kenneth Reinert
Brent and Melinda Barby Dwight and Jo High Carol Reinhardt
Lemuel Meador and Bonnie Barclay Dan and Tammy Hild Carol Reynolds
Buddy and Juanita Bardot Milton and Janis Hill J C and Patricia Reynolds
G A and Nancy Barnaby Greg and Sheila Hinman Ruth Reynolds
Floy Barnes Lona Hinshaw John Rhine
Patrick and Lisa Barnes Roger and Gloria Hinz Donald Richardson
Bob and Linda Barney Jack and Mary Hinze Donald and Lois Richmeier
Eugene and Carol Barrett Robert and Melinda Hitz Steven and Janelle Riedy
Fawna Barrett Ruth Hoard Charles and Beatta Robben
Robert and Betty Barrett Kendall and Melinda Hodgson Bill and Yvonne Robbins
Stan and Becky Basgall Allan and Anita Hoeme Allen and Glenda Roberts
Arthur and Karen Bates Thomas and Deborah Hoffman Gregory and Gloria Robinson
Chas and Peggy Bauer Gerald and Eva Hoffman Joel Robinson
Merle and Elsbeth Bauer Karen Hoffman Nancy Robinson
Grover and Judith Bauer Robert Rutten and Bette Hoffman-Rutten Paul and Ginger Robinson
Lyle and Kathryn Beaumont Van and Jeanne Hoisington Melvin and Roma Robinson
Toni Becker Jerry and Margaret Holmes David and Lora Rochholz
Charles and Janis Becker Douglas Holt Bill and Donna Roe
Jo Beezley Jack Homan Zella Roeder
Jerry and Betty Befort Michael and Tracey Homm Rich and Florence Roemer
Duane and Margaret Bender Gary and Judith Horne Douglas Roemer
Richard and Kim Bennett Aubrey and Lois Horner Donita Rogers
Bruce and Marilyn Benyshek Roy and Ruth Horton Mike and Jo Rogers
Elton and Wendy Beougher Bruce and Judy Hoskins Leslie and Sheryl Rogers
James and Vicki Berkley Virgil and Ginny Howe Alvin Rohr
Jay and Jennette Berry Roger and Leasa Hrabe John and Jeanne Rohrbaugh
Herschel and Joan Betts Donald and Janice Hrabik R D and Michele Rohweder
Gary and Dixie Beymer JoAnn Hubin Jerry and Jolene Rose
Thomas and Ruth Ann Bigge Gary and Ila Hulett Tammara Rosenberg
Brett and Cheryl Biggs Larry and Marvel Hull Connie Ross
Russell and Lana Biladeau Kim and Helen Hullman William and Deniece Roth
Mike and Susie Billinger Edward and Marty Hund Greg and Janne Rowe
Layton and Linda Billips Jim and Shelley Hunt Bill and Leta Royer
Thomas and Mary Binder Eunice Hurlbut Darrell and Avonne Rubottom
Hubert and Berta Binns Merlin and Susan Hussey Fred and Sherrill Ruda
Timothy and Calene Binns Glen and Nada Hutchison Clair Rumford
Mark and Nadine Bishop Michael and Carol Jackson Darren and Danae Rumford
Steven and Vicki Bittel Loren and Debra Jacobs Max and Joan Rumpel
Leo and Janice Bjurstrom Mary James L Howard and Claire Runft
Robert Blanchard ElWynn Jansonius Andrew and Kathleen Rupp
Rex and Beverly Blanding Stuart and Donna Jarvis Lee and Janice Russell
Michael and Kathy Blau Gerald and Sharon Jeffrey Roger and Virginia Russell
Don and Phyllis Bloss Paul Jennison Donald and Kathryn Ruth
James Bodge Thomas and Connie Jobe Verne and Ruby Rutledge
Eleanor Bogart Kent and Catherine Johnson Howard and Joanne Ruud
Quentin and Norma Bogart Ray and Edith Johnson Douglas and Tina Sager
Jerry and Edith Bollig James and Judy Johnson Greg and Ann Saindon
Robert and Judy Bomgardner Jerry and Kathryn Johnson Kirk and Phyllis Sanderbeck
Dale and Connie Book Joanne Johnson Glen and Sharlene Sandquist
Melba Borger John and Regina Johnson Ron and Cathy Sandstrom
Jerry and Dolores Borgstadter Tim Johnson Dan and Karla Sanneman
David and Geraldine Bostrom Kenneth and Carol Jones Grace Satran
Donald and Pat Bott Clifford and Shirley Jones Jim and Donna Schaffer
Eli Boucher Darrell and Mary Jones Andrew Scheopner
David Bowers John and Mickey Jones William Schick
Jenny Bowers Russell and Daryl Jorgensen Dan and Mary Kay Schippers
Maurice and Gloria Bowersox Robert and Gloria Kaberlein Jim and Marianne Schlatter
Gerald and Kay Bowman Jerry and Viola Kaempfe Gary and Elizabeth Schmeidler
Robert and Kelly Bowman Craig and Lisa Karlin Helmut and Wilma Schmeller
Frances Boxberger Ronald and Karol Katt Anthony and Annette Schmidt
Gary and Lois Brack John and Mary Keberlein Ivan and Patricia Schmidt
Dan and Carol Bramhall Greg Keenan Larry and Kay Schmidt
Willis and Elsie Brandyberry Edward and Linda Keith Leroy and LeeAnn Schmidtberger
Cleo Brannan Tim and Judy Keller Jack and Tina Schmitt
Claud and Eleanor Bray Kevin and Lori Keller John and Lucille Schneider
L Eugene and Dottie Brenner Daryl and Marilyn Keller Cindy Schnelle
Richard and Jean Bretz Rick and Janet Kellerman Terry Schonlaw
Joy Bretz Phyllis Kellerman Glenn and Rosalie Schreiber
Norman and Judith Brewer Edward and Sharon Kelley Lawrence and Joyce Schroeder
Bill and Harriet Brin Randy and Anne Kelly Janet Schuetz
Jerry and Ruth Briney Marcus and Tamra Kemper Josephine Schulte
Craig and Glenda Broadbent Mike and Linda Kepka Leona Schulte
William and Carolyn Brock Gaylen and Debra Kerr Bruce and Wendy Schultz
Dale and Connie Brockhausen Larry and Marilyn Kershner Kevin and Deborah Schultz
Mark Broeckelman Robert and Mary Ann Kibbe Mary Schweitzer
Gary and Carla Brooks Billy and Janet Kidd Kenneth and Marilyn Schwertfeger
Brad and Kristi Brown Karen King Jay and Marsha Scott
Gregory Brown Terry and Lanis Kirk Virgil and Diane Scott
Jay Brown Dale and Nancy Kirkham Michael and Jana Seibel
Dean and Sandra Brown Vernon and Virginia Kisner Lane and Mary Sekavec
Gary and Jane Brubaker Gene and Linda Klatt Terry and Cynthia Seltmann
Ray Brubaker Earl and Judy Kleeman Charles and Jennifer Sexson
Max and Ruth Bruce Lyn and Faye Klein Mark and Kathy Sexson
Charles and Rose Brungardt Scott and Stephanie Knebel Warren and Pam Shaffer
Darren Brungardt Arden and Brenda Koehn Bob and Judy Shaffstall
Roy and Karen Brungardt Jean Koelling Dennis and Gaylene Shank
Tom and Linda Brungardt David and Margaret Koelsch Mark and Leah Ann Shapland
Darrell and Kathy Brzon Dianna Koerner Ralph and Violet Shaw
Alan and Cathy Buchanan Lowell and Stacy Kohlmeier John and Judy Sherman
Douglas and Mary Buchanan Norwin Kohls Layne and Barbara Shirk
Jack and Jaye Buehler Kelvin and Laura Kolb Tom and Mary Shook
Shirley Buehler Chris and Ginger Kollman Denis and Karen Shumate
Thomas and Martha Bullock Rich and Marty Kraemer Dennis and Laurel Sidener
Terry and Judy Burger Kenneth and Dottie Kraus Danny and Janet Siegfried
Ervin and Connie Burkhart Vernon and Linda Kraus Rich Sieker and Patty Stull
Jerry and Janice Burkhart Jim and Joanne Kreie Dennis and Virginia Simmonds
Paul Burmeister Dennis Kress Donald and Dava Simpson
John and M Jill Bush Thomas and Judy Kreutzer John and Alice Sinclair
Roger and Leesa Butler Ronald and Karen Kreutzer Carla Sinclair
Dennis and Carole Byram Donald and Betty Krone Marvin and Arlene Sittner
Donald and Lori Cackler Pamela Krueger Larry and Janet Skelton
Betty Calvert Morris and Barbara Krug Gladys Smiley
Jim and Elaine Campbell Larry and Cecelia Kruse Don and Barbara Smischny
Paul Campbell Darrell and Sherry Kruse Ray and Bessie Smith
Daniel and Nada Canfield Kathleen Kuchar Craig and Dixie Smith
Sara Carley Rick and Gail Kuehl Douglas and Jane Smith
Earl Carlson Carle and Carol Kuhn Glen and Marilyn Smith
Neil and Sharon Carlson Thomas and Cathy Kuhn Tommy and Judy Smith
Bruce and Holly Carpenter Ray and Mary Kurtz Marjorie Smith
Dick and Sherrill Carter Larry Laas Sally Smith
Dwight Case Dorothy Lacey Dr Wilda Smith
John and Patsy Cashatt Philip and Nancy Lacey E C and Jeanne Snook
Larry and Margie Caspers Jerry and Lori Lambert Wesley Brown and Cheryl Snyder
Terry and Linda Cates Richard Landes Larry and Vickie Souders
Virginia Cates Lloyd and Iris Lang Roy and Carol Soukup
Jean Cavanaugh Tim and Lisa Lang Ron and Susan Speier
Michael and Andrea Cearley Corlene Lange Terry and Stacey Spenst
John and Tanya Channell Dean and Sharon Larson Jay and Connie Spicer
Kirk and Debora Chapin Ed and Mary Larson Pat and Kathy Spicer
Mike and Linda Chapin Keith and Claudene Lassman Danelda St. Aubyn
Myron and Janet Chartier Michael and Kathleen Laubhan Leon Staab
Doris Chipman Chris and Debra Lawless Kevin and Anitta Staats
Fi Choate Art and Ruth Leas Gail Stanley
Harry and Milly Christman Clint and Carol Ledbetter Jim and Sally Stansbury
Shirley Churchill George and Mary Lee Tim and Melissa Stanton
Ron and Jo Cibolski Rudy and Maralyn Legleiter Larry and Marcia Stapp
Michael and Kaye Cillessen Clinton Leon Franklin and Karla Stecklein
Mike and Jan Clark Delbert Lessor Earlene Steerman
Randy and Janice Clark Laverne and Anna Lessor David and Luann Steffen
Dale and Kay Claussen Charlyn Lewis Rodger and Marcie Steffen
Daren and Judy Coen Max and Yvonne Liby Wayne and Noneral Steinert
James and Marie Coffin Curtis and Julie Lindberg Kevin and Susan Steinert
Kent and Lisa Colwell Kay Lindeman Alan Steinle
Roger Comeau Larry and Connie Lindquist Dorothy Stephens
Willard and Martha Conner Robert and Lynda Lipp Paul and Barbara Stephenson
Charles and Mary Cook Carol Lipp Strauss Rolland and Carol Stewart
Keith and Denise Cook Kelsey and Sally Long Dick Stockdale
Gary and Delilah Copenhaver Curtis and Renee Longpine Gerald and Margaret Stone
James and Nadyne Copp Robert and Sally Loomis David and Nancy Stonebraker
Jeff and Marla Copper Sam and Meleesa Louder Charles and Ardith Stones
Paul and Angela Corcoran Stephen and Beverly Love Harold and Patty Stones
Frances Corke Bob and Bev Lowen Marguerite Stout
Stanley Cormack Steven and Shelley Lowen Sid and Marsha Stranathan
Michael and Norma Cornell Ruth H. Lowenthal Delvin and Anita Strecker
June Cornwell Richard and Janie Lowry Jerome Streit
Phyllis Corporon Robert and Sandra Lozier Tom and Sally Stromgren
Craig and Nancy Cousland Larry and Brenda Lynn Kevin and Marisa Struckhoff
Larry and Carol Cox Frank and Julia Magana Bruce and Linda Stubbs
Willis and Alma Crabtree Tom and Eunice Maglaras Charles and Jayne Suiter
Jon and Sylvia Cronin Francis Mahoney Robert and Glenda Susnik
Arden and Harriette Cronn Donald and Althea Mai Jon and Judith Swail
Catherine Cronn Daryl and Elizabeth Mai John and Carol Swayze
Robert and Carolyn Crotts David and Susan Mai Lloyd and Marlene Switzer
Chris and Judith Cunningham James and Shirley Malcolm Roger and Peggy Tacha
Jeff and Connie Curtis Jim and Susan Mall Bill and Nancy Talbott
Rex and Marge Curtis Robert and Evelyn Mannebach Eugene and Tonya Tally
Bud and Jeannine Dalton William and Janet Manning David and Vickie Tangeman
Larry and Sandra Daugherty John and Lee Mapes Edith Taylor
James and Lana Davis Joe and Betty Marak Patsy Teller
Gerry Deckman Michael and Holly Marcotte Paul Temaat
Myron and Edna Deines Michael and Lynn Mares Ronald and Geraldine Temple
Alan and Ruth Deines Gregory and Rita Marintzer Dean and Darcey Tenbrink
Kelly and Donna Deines John Markle Brian Masters and Luella Terry-Masters
Joe and Esther Delimont Tom Marks Lonnie and Cheryl Terwilliger
Ken and Diane Depperschmidt John and Diane Martinez Tom and Christine Tharp
Melvin Depperschmidt Kirk and Lynn Maska David and Ruth Theis
Harold and Arlene Desbien Cotty and Eleanor Matal Michael and Lois Thiede
Dennis and Kathleen Desmond Ronald and Brenda Matteson Laurel Thomas
Richard Diamond M Thomas and Deb Maupin Richard Thomas
Jim and Sherry Dibble Timothy and Cindi May Carolyn Thompson
Darla Dible Ava Maydew Donald Thompson
Edgar Dies Dick and Barbara McCall Dean and Norma Thompson
Lyle and Bonnie Dilley Richard and Esther McCall Alan and Mary Thornburg
Joyce Dinges Robert and Jo Eva McClellan John Thorns
Darlene Dinkel Wilson and Daria McClung Jim Thurman
Eldon and Linda Dirks John and Brenda McCormack Carmella Thyfault
Keith and Marsha Doane Donald and Pamela McCoy David and Carolyn Toalson
Frank and Mary Dodd Richard McCrary Eddie and Mary Tobias
Marilyn Doerfler Jack and Peggy McCullick Faye Ann Toepfer
John and Diane Dorsch Mark and Patty McCullick Mark and Sandra Toepfer
Jonathan and Joan Douglas Jeff and Elaine McDaniel Phil and Laurie Toepfer
John and Susan Drach Michael and Kelly McDermeit John and Elvera Tomlinson
Terry Drach Janis McDill Donald and Martha Tompkins
Tom and Patricia Drees Mickie and Glenda McElroy Clifton and Linda Townsend
Craig and Mary Dreiling Rosetta McFarland John Trapp
Eugene and Flo Dreiling Dan and Carolyn McGovern Gregg Trask
Hilary Dreiling Patrick and Susan McKernan Chris Trauer
Keith and Pam Dreiling Joe and Jennifer McLeland Lloyd Trauer
Larry Dreiling Larry McLeland Gary and Myrtle Trogdon
William and Marilyn Dryer Mike and Audrey McMullen Floyd and Helen Truan
John Duff Glen and Terry McNeil Althea Tucker
Robert and Janice Dunavan D T and Barbara McVey Patricia Turrell
Kay and Mildred Dundas Danis McWhirter Glen and Michele Unrein
Douglas and Jo Durr Vernon Meckel David and Kathy Unruh
Wesley and Alice Duwe Bob and Agnes Meier Terry and Mary Kay Urban
Don and Marie Dwyer Fred and Janet Meier Pat Van Doren
Jack Eades William and Sheryl Melton Allen Van Kooten
Kenneth Eichman Paul and Kathy Merklein Richard and Marilyn Vap
Charles and Rebecca Ellis Neva Merriman Bryan and Susan Vargas
Charles and Judith Elsen Delmar and Elizabeth Metheny Robert and Patricia Vavricka
George and Diana Erbacher Dennis and Marilyn Metz Robert and Charlotte Veatch
Curtis and Frances Erickson Thomas and Paula Meyer Thomas and Norma Veazey
Jay and Karla Essmiller Edward and Gloria Michel Ellen Veed
Mary Evans Donald and Betty Lee Miller David and Catherine Vincent
Steve and Tanya Ewing Jack and Bonnie Miller Jerry and Chris Vitztum
Stanley and Shelly Ewy Craig and Kay Miller Robert and Virginia Vocelli
Leon and Ginger Fabrizius Dale and Carmen Miller Kenneth and Glenda Vogel
Wayne and Peggy Fager Carolyn Miller Nancy Vogel
Virginia Faires Denis and Sue Miller Jane Volker
Curtis and Rhonda Farwell Herbert and Joyce Miller Damon and Janet Vonada
Keith and Doris Faulkner W F and Wanda Miller Donnie and Robin VonHemel
Aaron and Myrna Feist Bob and Anel Minneman Kenneth and Billie Voss
Tom and Phyllis Fellers Tim and Carole Miser Omer Voss
Paul Fellers Gerald and Kathy Mitchell Ronald and Patty Vratil
Terry Fellers Dave and Donna Moffatt Janelle Wade
Lynn and Lori Ferguson Kerry and Denise Monk Brad and Theresa Wagner
Earl Field Dan and Lisa Moomaw Robert and Marilyn Wagner
Douglas and Alison Filbert Mike and Peggy Moore James and Jana Wagoner
Ruth Filbert Charles and Marjorie Moos Rick Walker
Howard and Norma Finley Lisa Moritz Dennis Stewart and Lynda Wallen
Joe and Susan Finley Darrell and Marilyn Morrissey Robert and Luann Walters
Harold and Diane Fischer Mike and Jeanie Morton Reginald and Wilma Washaliski
Richard and Dolores Fischli Dolores Moss Mark and Cindy Washburn
Eugene and Beth Fisher James and Donna Muck Lloyd and Debbie Wasinger
Wayne Fisher Gary and Kindra Mulch Paul and Judy Wasko
James and Janis Fitzgerald Doug and Carol Mullenix Elmer and Margaret Waterman
Gene and Jo Ann Fleharty Daniel and Arloa Murphy Norman and Margaret Watson
Francis and Laverne Forbes John and Carole Murray Larry and Patty Way
Donald and Donna Foster Linda Musselwhite Chuck and Melanie Waymaster
William and Debra Fox Wayne and Alberta Neel Tom and Elizabeth Weatherholt
Gwyneth Frack Craig and Sheryl Neeland Bennie and Kathy Weber
Ken and Sheila Frahm Kristine Nelson Reita Weeks
Cheryl Frank Larry and Joyce Nelson Francis and Carol Weers
Roger and JoAnn Franke Marlena Neuburger Ramona Weigel
Thomas and Kay Franke Dale and Marsha Newell Eugene and Elizabeth Weimer
Bennie and Eve Frantz Waldo and Linda Newquist Lonnie and Leta Weiser
Tim and Linda Frazey Stanley Newquist Paul and Frances Weldon
Leslie and Karen Freeman Ray and Patty Newton Chris and Marilyn Weller
Ben and Marilyn Frevert Merlin and Bonita Ney Richard and June Welty
Morris and Mary Ann Froelich Wendell and Nancy Nicholas Donald and Mary Werner
Alvin and Judy Fuller Patty Nicholas Ivan and Verda Werner
Wanda Fulwider Bob Nicholas Darrell and Barbara Werth
John and Ann Gallentine Jack and Connie Nichols Mark and Simone Werth
Wilfred and Joan Gallion Darryl and Patricia Nichols Paul and Jan Wheeler
Max and Jil Galloway Mike and Debra Nickels Jake and Emma Whipple
Donald and Marilyn Gamet Jim and Patricia Nieman Joel and Donna White
Jesse and Jerra Garetson E Niles and Jayne Niermeier Ford White
Gayle Garrelts Norma Nolte Ronald and JoAnn Whitmer
Dennis and Cathy Gaschler John and Jan Nondorf Lynn and Carol Wickizer
Lloyd and Margaret Gemaehlich Rod and Robyn Nordyke Reynold and Carolyn Wicks
Kenneth and Carolyn Gentzler Bill and Terri Norris Margie Widen
Norman and Jane Gentzler Marlis Norton Harry and Mildred Wiesner
Sue George John and LaFaun Nuchols Wes and Jane Wikoff
Duane and June Gerber Estella Nuss Darcy and Cheryl Williams
Harold and Marlene German Mark and Marilyn O'Brate Dale and Linda Williams
Larry and Judy Getty Janice O'Toole Ross and Cindi Wilson
Richard and Martha Gibson Pamela Oesterhaus Edward and Dorothy Wilson
Robert and Viola Giebler Kenneth and Genola Offner Rex and Margaret Wilson
Tom and Sheryl Giessel Bill and Janet Ohlemeier Thomas and Maxine Wilson
Larry and Darlene Gilchrist Leo and Bonita Oliva Neal and Helen Windholz
Harold and Zodora Gill Kirk Olomon Leaford and Nan Windle
Thomas and Sharon Gilmore Michael Olson Keith and Barbara Wineinger
Larry Good Deborah Ortiz Lyle and Anita Wingate
Loren and Clarene Goodheart Todd and Mary Osborne Gary and Mary Wingfield
Michael and Becky Goss Perry and Bonnie Owens Donald and Carol Winklepleck
Larry and Eva Gould Tom and Vonda Palmer Calvin and Linnea Winter
Major and Lori Graff Robin Parker Theodore and Ardis Witt
Jerry and Tina Graham Leland and Emilie Parks Jim and Rose Wittman
Ronnie and Susan Graham Kenneth and Lila Parks Ernest and Valette Wolf
Jerry and Carol Grant Wade and Glenda Patterson Ralph and Kimberly Wolf
Delwin and Lorine Grau Steve and Julie Paul Randall and Leanna Wolfe
Joan Gray Carl and Donna Paustian Robert and Susan Wright
Craig and Christina Green Paul and Pamela Pavlu Richard and Cheryl Wunder
Paul and Eugenia Gregory John and Wilma Payne Don and Ruth Wyckoff
Walter and Marilyn Griest Loren and Darlene Pearson Gerald and Mary Ann Yeager
Kenyon Griffin Ivan and Linda Pechanec Kent Yocom
Stanley and Neva Griffin Jeff and Dianne Peier Merlyn and Ruth Yonkey
Merlin and Nelva Grimes Dale and Maxine Peier Curtis Young
Kenneth and Suzanne Grizzell Marvin and Katrina Penka Loren and Sara Young
Marie Grover Elaine Peterman David and Neoma Youtsey
Helen Gryboski Reed and Ruth Peters Barry and Candace Yoxall
Alvin and Vicki Gunther Donna Peterson Rich Zeis
Fredd and Linda Haas Ethel Peterson Joe and Constance Zellner
Francis and Coleta Haberman Lenore Peterson Rich and Marilyn Ziegler
Wayne and Karen Habiger Charles and Helen Petrik Rolland and Sharon Zier
Paul and Judy Hachmeister Richard and Jean Pettibone Eldon and Karen Zimbelman
Dennis Hagemann Russell Pettit C Joseph and Ruth Zohner
William and Rosie Hake Danny and Patricia Petz L Keith and Loretta Zweifel
    Lannie and Penny Zweimiller