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Wooster Society

Lyman Dwight Wooster Society


Named for the fourth president of Fort Hays State University, the Lyman Dwight Wooster Society seeks to honor individuals who arrange gifts to the Fort Hays State University Foundation through planned giving. These generous and visionary individuals ensure the strong future of Fort Hays State University and the education of western Kansans.

Dr. Wooster joined the faculty in the spring of 1909 and was dean of the college for two years before his presidential appointment of Aug. 15, 1941. It was he who first saw the need for a vehicle to accept gifts that would ensure Fort Hays State University’s growth and a strong future. In 1945, he called a meeting of friends and faculty of the school and created the Fort Hays State University Foundation.

“There were always leaders with courage and hope to point the way,” Dr. Wooster wrote. This was the pioneering spirit. The tradition of that spirit is still strong within the friends and alumni of Fort Hays State University; especially those who will be members of the Wooster Society.

The society is aptly named considering Dr. Wooster’s definition of the purpose of education: “The overall objective and function of education in America is to prepare people for responsible living in a democracy.”

To Dr. Wooster, the all-important, all-inclusive word in that statement was responsible. The creation of the Foundation was a tribute to Dr. Wooster’s belief in societal responsibility to education. Through the Wooster Society, donors of planned gifts enact Wooster’s vision.

Privileges of Membership

When you make a planned gift that includes the Fort Hays State University Foundation, you will be recognized as a member of the Wooster Society.

As a Wooster Society member, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that you are continuing the tradition of helping to ensure the future and strength of Fort Hays State University through your generous support. You will receive a commemorative gift, be recognized at a special dinner and be listed every year on the Donor Recognition Page of the Fort Hays State Foundation web site.

If you have already named the Fort Hays State University Foundation as a beneficiary of a planned gift, we welcome you as a Wooster Society member. Simply complete and return the enclosed form to let us know of your gift and help us verify our records.

If you have not yet arranged your planned gift, we invite you to become a member. Your planned gift is a way to obtain tax advantages and continue Dr. Wooster’s Vision.

Our experienced staff can assist you and your professional advisors in determining what type of gift is best to achieve your philanthropic goals. Arranging a simple no-obligation visit with us will give you all the information needed for you and your advisors to make an educated decision of how best to share in the tradition of educational strength.

If you are interested in joining the Lyman Dwight Wooster Society or would like to talk with someone about ways of establishing an estate gift, write Francine Hestermann, Chief Financial Officer at the FHSU Foundation, 1 Tiger Place, PO Box 1060, Hays, KS 67601. You may also contact her by e-mail, or call our toll free number 888-628-1060.


Marcella (Marcy) Aycock
Kathryn Kowalski
Richard and Patricia Schroder
Joshua Schwickerath

Wooster Society Members

Betty Akins
Phyllis A Aley
Jim and Beth Anderson
Lorene Anderson
Anderson Educational Trust
Anonymous Donors (19)
Patty Baconrind
Kerry and Dorothy Bahl
Burck and Sandra Bailey
Melanie Bannister
Dr Mark Bannister
Jim and Pat Bartels
Dr Leland and Mary Bartholomew
Martha (Wooster) Beckwith
Herschel B and Joan Betts
Dr Elton and Wendy Beougher
Don Bissing
Mary Lou Blum
James Bodge
Robert and Barbara Bowman
Robert E and Lee Mae Brand
D Max and Ruth Bruce
Dr Curtis and Christie Brungardt
Paul F Burmeister
Dr Richard and Doris Burnett
Dr Louis and Caplan
Preston and Judy Caprez
Wilima Carson
Tim and Mona Chapman
Fi Choate
Harry and Mildred Christman
Michael and Norma Cornell
Russell and Mary Cramm
Arden and Harriette Cronn
Dr Jeffery and Connie Curtis
Penny Dean
Dr Dan and Linda Deines
IB Dent
James and Sherry Dibble
Larry and Kathy Dinges
Gloria A Dizmang
Larry J Dreiling
John D Duff
Jerry D and Alice M Dundas
Don Duryee
Jack Eades
Duane and Marcia Eads
Cindy Elliott
Elma Erickson
Barbara Bohannan Etheridge
Richard and Dolores Fischli
Dr Eugene and Jo Ann Fleharty
Twila Flowers
Frances and Laverne Forbes
Roger and JoAnn Franke
Dr Gary and Sarah Fredrickson
Darla Fuertges
Thomas Gaschler
Joan Gray

Dr Valeda Greenspan
Kenyon Griffin
Charles and Shirley Griffith
Onie Grosshans
Marie F Grover
Chuck and Dory Hammeke
Lynitta A Harris
Nelson and Nila Hartman
Duane and Darlene Hartzler
Patricia K Hawk
Brad Haynes
David and Ruth Heffel
Bob and Geraldine Helman
M Kim Herman
Leroy and Patty Holt
Virgil and Ginny Howe
Gary J Hubbard
Donald and Ruth ImMasche
Michael F and Joyce Jilg
Alma Johnson
Jo Johnson
Ron and Betty Johnson
Dr Theron and Jean Johnson
Tim Johnson
Marleen Johnston
Cheri A Jones
Jerry and Dalene Juenemann
Layton and Jerry Kaiser
Leona Kaspar
Phyllis Kellerman
Brooks and Gail Kellogg
Wilmer and Lorena Kellogg
Darlene Rolph Knorr
Cynthia Krueger
Kathleen Kuchar
Claudene Lassman
David and Andrea Leavitt
Louis E Lefevre
Noel A Linder
Paul R and Terri M MacDonald
Madden Family
Marlis E Mann
Betty L Marshall
Marilyn Marshall
Melinda McAfee
Dr Jack and Peggy McCullick
C L McDaniel
Bobb and Shay Meckenstock
H Keith and Viola Megill
Mike and Jeanie Michaelis
Dr Michael and Connie Milford
Carolyn Miller
Denis and Sue Miller
Laura Mills
Allen and Kay Mitchem
Wayne and Alberta Neel
Dr Rosalie S Nichols
Vivian L Nolte
Doug Parker
J Dale and Maxine Peier

Jeff and Dianne Peier
Loren Pepperd
Elaine M Peterman
Lon and Janyth Pishny
Verlin and Elaine Pfannenstiel
Ronald C and Ann H Pflughoft
H Eileen W Porter
DeBra K Prideaux
Edward and Nancy Proctor
Dr Roger and Ruth Pruitt
Donald J and Shirley Pundsack
Lawrence (Mac) Reed
Brenda Reeve
Mary A Ridgway
Charlie and Denise Riedel
Lutie A Riedel
Mary Ellen Rock
Richard and Florence Roemer
Dee Rolph
Jerry and Judy Rome
Carolyn Rosebaugh
William and Deniece Roth
Andrea Cody Russell
Robert E Schmidt
Dane M Scott
Virgil and Berna Scott
Virgil and Diane Scott
Richard and Patricia Selensky
Dick Sherbondy
Steve Shields
Glenn and Janice Simmons
Tom Small
Hugh and Gladys Smiley
Jay and Connie Spicer
Dennis and Sharon Spratt
Lyle and Ann Marie Staab
Rick and Mary Staab
George Steele
Dr Edward and Donna Stehno
Dorothy L Stephens
Harold and Patricia Stones
Sheila Hammeke Strehlo
Tom and Sally Stromgren
Lloyd and Marlene Switzer
John and Deanell Tacha
James E Thorns
James W Thurman
John and Elvera Tomlinson
Harold Lloyd Trauer
Jerry VanAllen
Dr Ellen Veed
Dr Nancy Vogel
Franc Wagner
Bruce and Janeal Wanamaker
Bill and Patricia Ward
Irene Waters
Darrell and Barbara Werth
Dr Alice V White
Jeff and Tina Wick
Annette Wiles
Shirley A Wilson
Jack and Ruth Winton