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2017 Campus Ca Postcard

2018 Campus Campaign

As faculty and staff members here at Fort Hays State University, you already make a difference every day. Now we're asking you to be the difference.

When talking with donors or corporations a frequent question that we are asked is, "what does your faculty and staff participation look like?" Securing funds from outside sources is a difficult job and being able to demonstrate the commitment of the campus community on paper is an excellent tool. Gifts given to FHSU are tax deductible and do a world of good for both the university and the students we serve. You can support any area of campus. You can support student scholarships, you can support your own department, you can support the Sternberg Museum, or just about anywhere else on campus.

Please join Karen, Nicole, and your FHSU Foundation in making a gift today.

Schuyler Coates
Director of Annual Giving


Departments at 100% participation:
Budget & Planning
Career Services
Center for Civic Leadership
FHSU Foundation
Office of College of Education
Office of College of Health & Behavioral Sciences
Office of Werth College of Science, Tech & Mathematics
Strategic Partnership

Departments at 75% or more participation:

Alumni Association - 83%
Leadership Studies - 78%
Applied Technology - 75%
Office of the President - 75%
Office of Robbins College of Bus & Entrepreneurship - 75%
Office of Student Affairs - 75%
Student Health - 75%

Departments at 50% or more participation:

Teacher Education- 71%
International Student Services - 67%
Mathematics - 67%
Office of General Counsel - 67%
Administration & Finance - 60%
Human Resource Office - 57%
Virtual College - 57%
Geosciences - 56%
Student Fiscal Services - 56%
Financial Aid - 55%
Advanced Education Programs - 53%
Center for Student Involvement - 50%
Environmental Safety - 50%
Management Development Center - 50%
Memorial Union - 50%
Office of Scholarships & Sponsored Projects - 50%
Small Business Development Center - 50%
University Relations - 50%

(Figures as of 3/16/2018)



Year Donors Participation
FY18 304/867 35.1%
FY17 352/854 41.2%
FY16 378/843 44.8%
FY15 347/802 43%

(Figures as of 3/16/2018)

Why should you invest in FHSU?
FHSU changes lives; yours and those of all students. Every gift is imporant.

What can you do for FHSU?
Care. Give. Tell others that you support FHSU.

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