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Tiger Fans Join in Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Alpha Kappa Psi

Alpha Kappa Psi has been on Fort Hays State University’s campus for 50 years. To celebrate this significant milestone, let’s come together to ensure a strong future for ΑΚΨ – that they can continue to grow at FHSU by providing the necessary educational and networking opportunities for their members.


Membership Info
The Zeta Pi chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi currently has 45 active members, which includes nine new members who were initiated during this fall semester.

George WallGeorge Wall


The Future of Alpha Kappa Psi and their Needs

In the upcoming years, FHSU's Zeta Pi chapter would like to continue building a strong organization by providing even more educational and networking opportunities for their members.

Member attendance at Alpha Kappa Psi events (such as the Principled Business Leadership Institute and AKPsi’s Convention) will help them to reach these goals. These events greatly help the chapter and the members by allowing members to bring new ideas to the chapter, receive professional career advice, network with brothers from across the globe, and much more.

Members who have attended the Principled Business Leadership Institute in the past are very thankful to have had that incredible opportunity.

  • “Through tips on networking, resume building, and many other arrays of topics, I was exposed to great speakers with boundless advice. Upon our return to Kansas, our chapter suddenly felt closer, and we have the Principled Business Leadership Institute and the city of Chicago to thank for that bond.” Jessie Steffen – May 2014 graduate

  • “ Whether it be studying how to better our chapter, learning how to motivate and lead others, discovering how to effectively manage our emotions, or identifying our individual strengths and weaknesses...every person on the trip took away a wealth of knowledge that will stick with every one of us in our current lives in school and our professional careers. It was really a life-changing experience that taught me a ton, and will continue to benefit me as I apply the experience to my professional career.” Reed Tevault - Senior

Due to the cost of travel and attendance at AKPsi’s Convention, only a small number of members are able to attend each year. The chapter would like to be able to help send more members to this outstanding event, since they would like their members to realize that AKPsi goes beyond FHSU and that they have the opportunity to establish connections with brothers from all over the world.

  • “To say that experiencing a National Convention and New Orleans was amazing is a drastic understatement. This was an enlightening opportunity that showed that the fraternity and the brotherhood that it encompasses goes far beyond our own chapter in Hays, America. It is a bond of brothers from all over the country and even to some extent, the world. Being able to bring back what we learned and what we experienced at the 2013 National Convention to the Zeta Pi chapter was a blessing.” Tandra Johnson – Junior

  • “As a member of the Zeta Pi Chapter, I was very fortunate to attend the National Convention two years ago in New Orleans, LA. This made me want to come back to my chapter and give full commitment and attention to my fellow brothers, and help them whenever the need arose. I would love for other brothers in our chapter to have this kind of experience.” Morgan Lawrence - Junior


What Alpha Kappa Psi Means to our FHSU Students

“Alpha Kappa Psi is certainly not for college days alone and I know I will always be proud to call every one of our members my brothers.” Matthew Whitmore – May 2014 graduate

"Alpha Kappa Psi is the platform that has provided me the resources to succeed in college. With great brothers by my side and awesome resources to choose from, being in college has been more than what I could have ever asked for. If there is one decision that I will never regret, that is the decision of joining a group of individuals who inspire me to be a better person every day." Ulises Gonzalez - Junior

“Alpha Kappa Psi has encouraged me to develop skills that I did not possess prior to membership. It has allowed me to put myself into leadership positions and embrace leadership. I have been brought into a family setting of individuals with the same interests, and have gained many connections that will enhance my future.” Cody Scheck - Senior

“AKPsi has had a huge impact on me during my years at FHSU. I have brothers that I can depend on and come to if I need help, and all the connections and networks I have made will help me in the future.” Brandon Broeckelman – Senior