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Share Your Story with a Tiger!

George Wall
"Seeing first-hand what opportunities, innovations, and additions our donors have brought to the university, while also having a part in raising some of these donations, shows me how important each and every person is to this university. Whether you’re still a student or graduated 50 years ago, together we’re making a real impact!"

"I really enjoy talking with alumni and hearing about their experiences at Fort Hays State. They have some of the best stories!"

"I appreciate the donors generosity to help and their continued support to FHSU is appreciated SO much!"

"I love having the opportunity to talk with alumni and to hear their stories. It’s great to hear stories of how Fort Hays State University used to be and to share with alumni some of the traditions that are still alive today!"

Our 37th annual Tiger Call Phonathon kicked off the beginning of September and will continue through early December, resuming again during the spring semester. Calls are being placed five nights a week by Fort Hays State University students from our AT&T Communications Center here in FHSU’s Robbins Center.  Faculty and staff members have also been known to participate by calling graduates from their respective departments or interest areas.

Student callers will verify and update contact and business information, as well as answer any questions that you may have about Fort Hays State. Our students enjoy hearing about former Tigers’ experiences and always look forward to sharing their own experiences too. Tiger Call’s central purpose is to provide alumni and friends with the opportunity to support the university with a financial contribution. Tiger Call serves as the primary fundraiser for general scholarships and provides much-needed assistance for academic departments and athletics throughout Fort Hays State University. 

Show your Tiger pride by taking a call from our Tiger callers! Your participation creates greater opportunities for Fort Hays State students, keeps our university strong and vibrant, and demonstrates your commitment to a brighter future at FHSU. Thanks in advance for answering the call!